Clay Vessel

Ceramics —
Porcelain & Stoneware

Many of my current porcelain pieces feature hand–build bony appendages, that function as handle–like structures, on the sides of wheel thrown vessels. This gives the vessels both functional elements and sculptural elements. I do not differentiate, for myself, between whether the handles are there to be functional, or if the entire vessel is a sculpture. That is the viewer’s purview. I like that the pieces can be used in which ever way the user intends.

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Glass Sculpture King Borealis

Glass —
Jewelry & Sculpture

I discovered glass in 2008. I fuse, cast, slump and cold–work glass. There is always the challenge, when working with mediums like glass, for the artist to rise above the perceived ‘preciousness’ inherent in the material.

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Botanical  Drawing

Drawing —

The Botanicals are all pen and with the addition of watercolor pencils, or in some cases pan watercolors.

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Rhinoceros Drawing

Drawing —

My work has gone through multiple changes over the years, most notably in terms of medium. I tend to revisit themes, and this is true across genre, as well as across media.

My wildlife series is an unfolding exploration.

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Portfolio —

The collection of glass images above were photographed by Tom Dunn.
TOM DUNN Photography specializes in business and art photography. — See more at: TOM DUNN Photography.
The image of the cat — above right — was photographed by Tom Dunn.
TOM DUNN Photography specializes in business and art photography. — See more at: TOM DUNN Photography.
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Drawing — Botanicals

— Recent Events —

Cats, Cats, Cats… and all those other animals

An Exhibition at AZ Gallery

Read about the exhibition at City Pages. More at Twin | Entertainment

Artist Amy Clark — top left

AZ Gallery | Cats, Cats, Cats… and all those other animals

Artist | Painter Jay Sieler — bottom right

Contact Lisa for more information.

Lisa C. Mathieson | Cat

Artist | Lisa C. Mathieson

— Past Events —

Lowertown First Friday’s — Black Dog Cafe & Wine Bar

Lowertown First Friday’s at Black Dog Wine Bar &Cafe Lowertown First Friday’s at Black Dog Wine Bar &Cafe

MetroSketchers — February 1– 28, 2015

An exhibition featuring members of MetroSketchers at Black Dog Cafe & Wine Bar

Lowertown Reading Jam 2015

Image: REO Speedwagon, Ken Avidor at the FireFighters Hall & Museum

Learn more at: Urban Sketchers

Lowertown Reading Jam — 28 February, 2015

A few times a year The St. Paul Almanac hosts “Reading Jams” at the Black Dog in Lowertown. Each of these readings are recorded ‘live’ by a local sketch artist.

On 28 Feb, of 2015, I was honored to be that artist.
It was an incredible experience.

As the readers joined on stage to accept their final applause, I was surprised to find myself utterly exhausted.
I had been completely absorbed.
I gave all the drawings away to the participants.
The readers were gracious with their sketches and seemed truly to like them.

Lowertown Reading Jam 2015

“An artist’s job is not to succumb to despair,
but, to find an antidote for their emptiness of existence.”   —G. Stein.

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15th Anniversary Show

10$ Mail Art Show

The $10 Mail Art show was held in the Long Hall Gallery, at 262 Studios in St Paul, Minnesota.
The show opened Friday, December 5th, 2014.

The premise of this show is unique. Participating artists are asked create small works of art that are displayed and sold for $10.00 a piece. Each work is 4x6 inches, or smaller.

Pieces purchased during the show, were then sent through the U. S. Mail to the buyer when the show closes.

10 Dollar Mail Art Show

For more information go to: $10 MAIL ART SHOW!! (262 Studios, Lowertown Holiday Bazaar)

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4th Annual Lowertown Art Show

Saint Paul Art Crawl — Fall 2014

October 10th, 11th & 12th, Friday 6–10 PM Saturday 12–8 PM Sunday 12–5 PM


Learn more about Studio 509 Events.

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St. Paul Almanac Show: September 11, 2014

Each year the St. Paul Almanac seeks submissions from local artists (as well as writers) for inclusion in their yearly publication. For the last two years, I’ve submitted photos of various works for consideration.

Two images from my “Wildlife” Series, were chosen for publication; ‘Bird’, an alcohol–based ink illustration, is featured on page 184, and ‘turtle’ saunters across pages 144 and 145.

‘Bird’ was on display at the A–Z Gallery.

St. Paul Almanac 2015

Photo courtesy of St. Paul Almanac.

The Book Launch Celebration “To The Nines” — Thursday, September 11th, at 7:00 p.m.

In addition to art work from the almanac, the show also featured several ‘book art’ pieces by various lower town artists. Below are a couple photos of my book art. I called the piece “Lowertown Artists; Where we live, what we do, and what inspires us.” The left photo is one of the interior pages, the right is a close up of that page.

St. Paul Book Art St. Paul Book Art – closeup

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Saint Paul Art Crawl Spring 2014 — The ‘Art of Baseballs’ Exhibit

The artisan baseballs were on public display at the Union Depot during the Spring Saint Paul Art Crawl and the Metro Transit Green Line Opening Celebration.


Lisa C. Mathieson — Karack

Photo courtesy of Tom Reynen .

Tangletown Art Crawl: Saturday, December 7, 2013

I invite you to the 2nd Annual Tangletown Art Crawl during the Grand Meander. Come and experience
open studios featuring local artists. Crawl hours are from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m..
Here is a sample of what I am showing for sale.
If you would like to pre–order this year, please use my contact form below.

Lisa C. Mathieson — coasters      Lisa C. Mathieson — plate

Lisa C. Mathieson — glass trees      Lisa C. Mathieson — glass trees

This year there will be 7 locations and 37 artists. All of the locations are in
the Tangletown neighborhood. For more info go here.

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LowerTown Art Show: October 24 – November 24, 2013

I was honored to have been invited to participate in the 3rd Annual Lowertown Art Show.

Lowertown Art Show
Sun Chi Som

Fellow artist and good friend, Sun Chi Som poses next to his namesake; chickasoroussom.

Saint Paul Art Crawl: October 4, 5 & 6th, 2013

Lisa C. Mathieson — Studio   Lisa C. Mathieson — Studio

Photos courtesy of Franny Hyde.

Thanks to all who participated and made this season one of the best ever!

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Free Art Fridays

Shelly Rohlf — Free Art Fridays        Lisa C. Mathieson —   

Photos by Shelley Rohlf.

Shelley and I each completed a side of the medallion.
The clues were tweeted on Free Art Fridays Facebook page.

St. Paul Almanac Show: September 12, 2013

King Borealis        St. Paul Almanac   

An amazing photograph of King Borealis by Ambar Michelf.

‘King Borealis’ appeared in the St. Paul Almanac Show.
He took 2nd place at last seasons Winter Carnival Show.

Please see page 292 of the St. Paul Almanac.

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Lisa C. Mathieson

Artists have been speaking to the brokenness of our persons,
our tribes, our cultures, since time immortal. And maybe, that is the artists’ purpose;
to hold a mirror to society, to be a reflection of the time in which we live.

Thank you for visiting.
— Lisa


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